Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Toldja: rats with bubonic plague type fleas found in NYC.


Scientists studying rats in New York found the flea that carries the plague - the Oriental rat flea - hosting on some of the city's rat population, according to the study published Monday in the Journal of Medical Entomology.

Bubonic plague is infamous as one of the most devastating pandemics in world history, known as the Black Death. During the 14th Century, the plague killed between 25 million and 50 million people in Europe.

Before panic ensues, it must be noted that researchers found no trace of the plague or typhus – another disease carried by the Oriental rat flea – in any of the fleas they sampled.

How long before one of those fleas comes down with something?


Anonymous said...

They're just carrying the diseases American fleas won't. Why you gotta be so racist, mang?

Occam said...

Hasn't this plague virus been "weaponized"? I heard it was one of the first viruses they played with in the Mil bio weapon labs in the 60s.

Is there a chance any of this old stuff got out somehow?

Naaaaaaaaa, never happen.

The Phantom said...

Important to note, its not the Plague. Its just the plague vector Asian fleas. Without which you can't have a real outbreak.

Which means there's a fucking delivery system all set and waiting for the first NYC rat to get the Plague from someplace. Like from a rat that stowed away in a truck or a train car from Arizona or Nevada, where the Plague is endemic to the region.

I'm not alarmed because somebody could do it on purpose. I'm alarmed because it could happen BY ACCIDENT because the conditions are right.

Its like an avalanche. They build up and build up, until all it takes is for a bird to shit on them and then off they go and bury a town.