Sunday, March 29, 2015

Ikea flat pack homeless shelter. I'm not kidding.

This is destined to be one of those Great Humanitarian Ideas that just fuck over poor people for years and years. The Ikea flat-pack "BetterShelter".

Better Shelter is a groundbreaking example of collaboration, technical innovation and practical application. The shelter has been put to the test by some of the world's most exposed families, and their experiences and needs lie at the heart of the development process.

Yep, its another "White Man's burden" great idea that's going to trap a lot of refugees in really fucked-up circumstances for a really long time. Just like the anti-malaria mosquito net that's denuding large parts of Africa of every frog and waterbug in existence as poor people scoop up every single thing that moves... and eat it.

This Ikea thing is designed to last for  three years. I bet  that we'll be seeing these damn things still in use ten years from now, all rotting and falling apart, by the same people moving into them now.

Tents suck, but at least with a tent you can pick it up and move it, patch it when it leaks, sell it if you need to. This Ikea thing, not so much.

Ikea: Swedish for Bleeding Heart Liberal Dumbasses.

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