Thursday, October 23, 2014

Why we will get robot cars and more gun control.

This is something I wrote as a comment on this post here in response to some cogent thoughts from two readers. I think it deserves its own post.

Consider the following: How useful would it have been to Ottawa police yesterday if they could have entered a code at headquarters yesterday and immobilized every car in Ottawa? You can see them totally going for that, right? It wouldn't change the outcome at all, but it would make things so much easier during the Official After Action Clearing and the Official Checking Everything Out To Make Sure Its All Good.

You can see them today loving the idea of an invisible fence that won't let any car drive up onto the Parliament Hill grounds. Even better, a system that won't let you drive up there, but if you try anyway it locks the car doors and drives you to the armored police station instead.

You can see them salivating over the idea of a system that identifies every individual driving a car by biometrics, then reports their position constantly. Then locks the car doors and drives to the cop shop if a particular code gets entered, allowing all the shooter's family and associates to be effortlessly gathered in.

These are the kind of things that give government officials a major woodie. So easy! Just press a button and the guy you want to pick up gets delivered to you. Using HIS car and burning HIS gas to boot.

And Cpl. Cirillo would still be just as dead.

What would have CHANGED the outcome yesterday?

 There's a picture of Cpl. Cirillo after he got shot, with two middle aged ladies and the ambulance crew working on him. Those ladies, given half a chance, would have killed the shooter in a heartbeat. If they had guns on them, and they knew it was their responsibility as Canadians to protect that kid when he couldn't protect himself, they'd have waxed that shooter prick before he got five steps from the shooting site. Or somebody else would have. For sure.

For that matter, since Cpl. Cirillo was in a militia regiment, he would have been carrying his own gun with his own ammunition in it, and he'd have stood a fighting chance. And so would his fellow militiamen, all standing right there next to him. You'd have to be utterly mental to start anything with that bunch.

And ShooterBoy would KNOW that. He would chose some other form of self expression than an attempted mass shooting, because it would be suicide.

That's how concealed carry works.

In places where concealed carry is tried, the number of shootings -decreases- along with the crime rate. It decreases a lot. Between 10% to 20% in most American states that implemented "Shall Issue" CCW.

That means the criminals don't get shot by CCW gun toting rednecks, and they don't get shot by cops either. They just stop doing crimes because its TOO FRACKING DANGEROUS. Its too dangerous to do crimes when -anybody- could be the guy that kills you for robbing them.


That's the kind of thing gives government officials cold sweats and nightmares. People they can't control wandering around loose? "Aieeee! What if somebody snapped?" You can hear them thinking it, can't you?

This is why we will get robot cars, more surveillance, more regulation, more gun control, more taxes, more corruption, more, More, MORE! unless we defund and disempower the government.

This cannot be accomplished by some bullshit revolution either, it has to be a cultural shift where every Canadian stops buying the hype and starts demanding their freedom back. Loudly. Politicians need to know that if they run on robot cars and gun control they'll be out of their sinecure jobs immediately.

The Phantom


Terry Anderson said...

"He would chose some other form of self expression than an attempted mass shooting, because it would be suicide."

I personally believe the guy was on a suicide mission. Kill an infidel soldier and get the 72 virgins. Seems to me that any one looking to take out a whole mess of people would not be carrying a double barrel break open shotgun,if that's what he actually had, but would be toting a battle rifle like an AK or Ar, something along those lines. Or he would be wearing an explosive vest.

As always just my humble opinion, Phantom.

The Phantom said...

Hi Terry,

I agree, obvious suicide mission.

I understand from news that he had a Winchester .30-30

My point is, if we as Canadians had the means and the will to FIGHT these assholes wherever and whenever they popped up, he'd be faced with a very real possibility of dying without even wounding one of his enemies. Your "blaze of glory" types don't like that. They want a body count.

You make it hard for them, you eliminate the weak minded fruitloops like this Bibeau loser. That's not the theory, that's how it works as proven by Israel and by every US state with a "shall issue" concealed carry permit system.

Rats look for soft spots to attack. Don't be a soft spot. That's all I'm saying.

Terry Anderson said...

I agree with you we need to fight them whenever or wherever they pop up, but I can't see the government ever passing common sense gun carry laws in this country in my lifetime.

Remain vigilant and do what's necessary to be safe, as I'm sure you are already doing.

Occam said...

Phantom – I’ve lurked your Blog since you started up, but this post I felt I had to respond to because it is so salient and timely. In the archived posts you liked to, yourself and other posters clearly defined the ubermenchen-Animal Farm mindset of the global-village overlords of the cultural re-engineering clique and their politically correct camp-followers in media/politics/academia. That stark exposé of the hell-bent misanthropic force driving modern public policy becomes even more prophetic in light of the tragic events in Ottawa.

Yes, sadly we WILL suffer more of the same predatory freedom-devouring agendas propelled and justified by every major event which displays that the politically correct/utopian gulag does not offer absolute safety in return for absolute compliance/subjugation.

As far as I’m concerned, corporal Cirillo was a victim of a social engineering experiment run by psychotics. Nothing stands as an incontestable monument to the abject failure and madness of political correctness like a member of the military standing guard with an unloaded rifle during a state of war with a worldwide berserker cult who are sworn in a suicide pact to murder everyone not part of their death cult.

In a broader perspective of this madness - we have a politically correct police state which defacto outlaws its civilians the right of armed self defense in a time we are at war with a pervasive malevolent suicidal enemy which targets civilians and military alike and which walks among us – undetected and unhindered by government law enforcement. Denial of self defense in a war zone – these are the rules of engagement the PC ubermenchen have dictated we accept – of course they issue these orders from the security of exclusive gated communities and institutions guarded by their own domestic army (cops). So armed defense, like so many other lost civil freedoms –(mobility, property rights, self-determination), are for the ubermenchen, not the plebs who they are sculpting into a docile servant class.

As you have postulated Phantom – a correction is coming and is unavoidable. How dear it costs us is a matter of how far we allow the current globalist slave state agenda to degenerate the ability to make the correction democratically. I think the key to it is to give citizens back the sense of self-respect/self-worth which must be diminished to apply the current social agenda. A good part of this lies with the realization there is no left or right division there is only tyranny and freedom in any political agenda- and today it must be stated loudly and broadly that we are Cpl Cirillo and he is us. That may go a long way to restoring the public empathy and civil dignity which PC has sucked out of the population.