Friday, October 10, 2014

Suicide by doctor: the counter argument.

I don't get involved much in arguments about "assisted suicide", because I think there's more important things to worry about than some sick person's desire to off themselves.

However, I saw this article written in rebuttal to the "death with dignity"/killing yourself crowd, and I like it. Its worth spreading around.

Leaving aside the Scriptural arguments, which the author obviously finds more compelling than I do, there is one remaining argument she makes almost in passing that is far more powerful in my estimation:

It's not about you.

Suicides for the most part are people who are, in the final analysis, selfish. (Yes, exceptions exist, don't get your hair up.) However they at least have the grace to jump off a bridge or take pills -themselves-. They restrict their revenge on the rest of us to making us feel bad that they died.

People who demand the assistance of others in their suicides take selfish another whole order of magnitude. They make everyone in their lives COMPLICIT in their selfish act, they make us accomplice killers. The ultimate and final act of self absorption and betrayal, if you will.

Otherwise know as being a dick.

You're born, you live and then at the end, you die. Its nothing special, we all do it. Try not to be a dick about it.

The Phantom

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