Saturday, November 09, 2013

The limits of tolerance have become weird.

All things have their limits, be they ever so hard to define. The famous phrase "I know it when I see it" was coined by US Supreme Court justice Potter Stewart to define obscenity. The signs of other types of tolerance pushed beyond their breaking point are likewise hard to define, but we know them when we see them.

In these modern times one often finds such lines drawn in very odd places indeed. To wit:

Thieves steal and gang-rape pet dog whose owner had tied it up outside supermarket as she did her shopping
  • Mixed breed Kessie received internal and external injuries in sex assault
  • Owner Lena, 30, contacted by animal shelter who told her of attack
  • Vets confirmed that another dog or Kessie could not have caused wounds

Compare and contrast the above article to this one here:

Gang of five men plied vulnerable girl, 15, with alcohol and cannabis before sexually abusing her
  • Freddie Kendakuman, Mohammed Rafiq Abubaker, Roheez Khan, Chola Chansa and Abdul Huk all convicted of child sex abuse
  • The five men would give teenager vodka then have sex with her
  • They were not charged for five years even though she told social workers
  • Victim suffered tough upbringing with drug-addicted parents
Maybe its just me, but doesn't the Daily Mail seem a lot more upset over the dog than the kid? In just the little headline blurb we have "gang-rape", "injuries", "assault", "wounds" and "tied up" describing the unfortunate experiences of a DOG.

What does the girl get? "Abused" and "tough upbringing". Doesn't even rate a "denied justice by worthless government assholes who couldn't be bothered".

Message is clear to me. Humans are no longer considered worth getting upset over by the minions of Big Media, only animals can be considered truly Innocent and worthy of a proper protective response. Because, you know, the stupid chick was probably asking for it, right? Besides, she was lower class and probably some sort of wog. And fat no doubt.  But harm a poor innocent defenseless doggie? That's an outrage!

Dear Daily Mail, FUCK OFF.

Clue for the Daily Mail. Express delivery.

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