Thursday, November 21, 2013

Multiculturalism is a Leftist tactic, not a belief.

Title of the piece says it all: "Why I am filing for asylum in my own country, Sweden. By Annika Hernroth-Rothstein"

Its a stunt, but worth doing just to get in the papers if you ask me. Here's why:

This is the self-image—the reality—that Jewish children in Sweden grow up with: being Jewish means being under threat of harm from bad people. This is where we are at.  One by one, our practices are being outlawed. Attacks on us are going unpunished. Politicians, journalists, and intellectuals describe us as barbarians. On November 9, the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht, a few hundred neo-Nazis marched through Stockholm in solidarity with their Greek allies in the Golden Dawn party. They marched legally, with police permits. Another few hundred leftists turned out in protest; a significant number were waving Hamas flags and sporting Palestinian kefiyahs. It made for a perfect synergy: a solemn anniversary, a day of shame, hijacked, with official permission, by two extreme and nominally opposite sides of the political spectrum, united by their hatred of Jews.
The main problem I see that Ms. Hernroth-Rothstein has is the mis-identification of her tormenters. Neo-Nazis and Leftists "waving Hamas flags and sporting Palestinian kefiyahs" are not "two extreme and nominally opposite sides of the political spectrum". They're two factions on the same side, fighting to be King of the dung hill.

Take this bit from the end of the article for example:

Is Sweden, is Europe as a whole, truly no longer willing to enforce its own standards of justice where European Jews are concerned?    
A month ago, I sought out the parliamentarian responsible for the latest anti-kosher bill and others like it. Feeling at once sad, lonely, and furious, I told him that instead of churning out all these different measures, each one aimed at outlawing yet another aspect of Jewish life, it would be much easier to write a single bill outlawing Jews. At least that would be honest. When he protested, I ended up arguing with him over the kashrut bill for almost twenty minutes, giving him the facts until, unable to refute me, he turned bright red in the face, leaned in, and said: "Well, you know us. This thing you call multiculturalism. All of that. We don't want it. Not here. Not in our country."
I was startled, but also relieved. Finally, some truth.

She shouldn't be startled. She should be expecting that. The differences between a Fascist, a Socialist and a Communist are to be found in the fine details of policy, not in the basics of their world view. They all look to Big Government to get what they want. They all think people are stupid and must be controlled. They all believe that "their" people are superior to all others. They all will use any manipulation to get power and get what they want.

Multiculturalism not a modern European socialist moral value. Is a TACTIC. It is just one more wedge to pound into the society to split groups of people apart and cripple the political opposition. Socialists do not have cherished values.

Dear Jews, Muslims, Blacks, Hispanics and Gays: the European (and American, and Canadian) Left does not love you. They are merely using you to beat up on the previous power structure. They are using you as props in their ongoing effort to gather all money and all power unto themselves, leaving most of the population in penurious servitude. You are suckers if you think otherwise.

I think with the Christian tradition on the ropes as it is, and limited government not even on the discussion list anymore, that people in visible minorities and the "special pets" currently benefiting from socialist policy are in for a hell of a shock coming pretty soon. Its not going to be Conservatives or tax cutting types that deliver it either. Its going to be the socialists. Mass immigration got them where they wanted to be, but they will abandon that policy and start shipping them out again as fast as they can the second it becomes convenient to do so.

Here endeth the lesson.

The Phantom

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