Thursday, October 24, 2013

Let's compare, shall we?

Exhibit A: "A Woodbridge woman was arrested after she shot a handgun into the air to scare off a group of boys who were attacking her daughter."

Exhibit B: "Northern California sheriff's deputies have shot and killed a 13-year-old boy after repeatedly telling him to drop what turned out to be a replica assault rifle, sheriff's officials and family members said."

Exhibit C: "A former University of California policeman who stirred public outrage by pepper-spraying peaceful student protesters has been awarded $38,000 in worker's compensation for psychiatric damage he claimed to have suffered from the 2011 incident."

Question to all you hipster dweebs currently infesting my blog: Does the above seem like the kind of thing one would expect to see in the newspapers of a FREE country?

The Phantom


ZZMike said...

No - but more to the point, those three stories make a set that one would not expect to see in a rational country.

The Phantom said...

True. However two of them do come from California, and I'm pretty sure that logic has been declared Crimethink there.