Thursday, October 31, 2013

DHS prepares to kick your ass.

Latest from your friends in the US federal government, the Department of Homeland Security has given a half-million dollar no-bid contract for 100 Pepperball "projectors" and 120,000 "projectiles". This is a "less than lethal" anti-personnel  weapon system, composed of a 700 round per minute full-auto launcher and of course the Pepperball, which is basically a .410 shotgun shell with a paintball looking thing that's full of capsicum powder, otherwise known as hot pepper.

This is a link to Youtube video of a "test" of this Pepperball thing. Setting the scene, its a Jackass-style stunt where they basically line some TV dude up against a brick wall and shoot him in the chest with one. He's a big beefy guy. One (1) round puts him right on his knees pretty well immediately.

I'm including the video because it makes the point really well, "less than lethal" is an entirely bullshit concept being used for its propaganda value. A full-auto pepperball machinegun is "less than lethal" in the same way a shot in the head from a billy club is "less than lethal".  It probably won't kill you on the spot. However you may go into a coma and die later, or live on as an invalid/vegetable.
Now imagine they shot you in the side of the head.

Point is, obviously, that the Department of Homeland Security is not buying this kit as a way to handle terrorism, the threat it was ostensibly formed to deal with. Its buying it to handle American citizens who are rioting. In other words, this is the Obama administration getting around the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878. They can't order the US military to fight civilians in America, so they make up a brand new "anti-terrorism" force and militarize them instead.

Why would they want to do that? Why have a purely Federal military-style police force? Because half the US population is on Food Stamps, and by the looks of things those Food Stamp credit cards are going to bounce really soon. And by soon I mean maybe tomorrow, November 1st 2013.

Drudge report headline yesterday, the US government took in a record $2.7 TRILLION dollars last year (2012) in taxes, more money than has ever been collected in tax in American history... and they're still over a trillion bucks short of what they spent in 2012. What are they doing about it? Spending more, and also buying anti-riot gear for when the bread and circuses run out and they gotta shoot a million zombies.

Dear DemocRats, this is on you. You asked for it, you got it. Toyota. Don't blame me when the starving zombies come and burn down your house, I've been warning you this shit was coming since 1994. (That's when I started raging on the InterTubes.)

The Phantom


black mamba said...

It's also illegal to mock the DOJ.

The Phantom said...

Hi Mamba. This kind of suppressive activity is fairly typical of the middle management attitude I've run into in American government. "Suck up-kick down" hierarchy, and everyone in the public is down at the bottom of the ladder.

Bully control protocol in full effect. Take 'em to the wall and make them bounce. Legally, of course. They should wind up in front of a judge getting yelled at like errant schoolboys.