Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How can you tell if a Liberal is lying?

His lips are moving.

Federal Conservatives, in a paroxysm of unfortunate timing, announced today that they were repealing some gun-show related regulations which have never been implemented.
The changes kill a set of rules that were introduced by the Liberals in 1998, but never brought into force after years of consultations and deferrals.
Here's the official response from the Ontario government.

Ontario's Chief Firearms Officer Chris Wyatt said there is now no official way to ensure sellers are verifying licenses, and nothing on the books that requires a gun show sponsor to tell police an event is being held.
Wyatt says there are genuine concerns about theft and illegal sales at gun shows.
"Gun shows are a major source of illegal firearms in the United States, and that could happen here. That's why we thought there should be greater regulation of gun shows now that the registry is gone," said Wyatt.
"Some of these gun shows, they have hundreds of vendors and thousands of firearms. It might be an attractive target for criminals to steal firearms or acquire firearms. With long guns, the standard is now very low for accountability."

Well as it happens, gun shows -aren't- a major source of illegal firearms in the United States. Gun shows are regulated precisely the same as gun stores.  In fact most of the exhibitors are gun stores. The ones that aren't are those schmucks that sell crappy t-shirts and army surplus junk.

And, gee whiz, THEY NEVER APPLIED THE  LAW, DID THEY? So how come we're not all dead? If we're all unprotected now... then we've been unprotected since 1998 because that law's never been used. And if its SO super dangerous, how come there's not a pile of skeletons where Canada used to be?

Because its horse shit, that's why.

Ontario's Chief Firearms Officer Chris Wyatt, the guy who's ultimately in charge of whether or not you get to be able to defend yourself or even just go hunting, just lied right up in your face ladies and gentlemen. High, wide and handsome.

God I love Ontario. Its just so... awesome.

The Phantom

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