Sunday, September 04, 2011

Where money goes to die: government.

Our subject today is government waste as it applies to technology.  The specifics, Germany has lifted its ban on DOOM after 17 years.

As a result of the decision, Doom (released in 1993) and Doom 2 (1994) can now be freely distributed. The U.S. version of Doom 2 - Hell on Earth was excluded from the decisions as it includes two levels of Wolfenstein 3D, which includes "unconstitutional" symbols such as the swastika used by the Nazis. Wolfenstein 3D is listed as a "confiscated" video game in Germany.

According to the commission, the graphics and animations in Doom and Doom 2 are considered antiquated and not realistic. As the game has been generally considered as one of the most significant game titles in video game history and the U.S. Library of Congress decided to accept that game in its catalog of historically important media, the German commission argued that the game is historically significant.

Now, even though DOOM was one of my favorite things back in the day, (as our illustrious Arms Chest veterans will attest, hours and HOURS spent decimating aliens on the
Arms Chest Official Battle Simulator computer!) this is not really about that.

This is about the astounding amount of money involved in even having a commission that can decide to ban a video game in the first place.  Seventeen years ago some bunch of highly paid guys sat around and decided to BAN the most popular computer game in world history, and today some other bunch of guys decided the first bunch were wrong, also for very handsome pay.  I'm sure John Carmack is stoked about it.

Nobody involved seems to be asking the question, should government be doing that?  Because I think its friggin' insanity.  We'd all be better off if that whole commission and all its myriad support staff were out sweeping up dog poo in Berlin, even at full pay.  At least they'd be getting -productive- work done, instead of throwing rocks in everyone's path and f-ing up the world economy.

Just think of the numberless seat-warmers, chair polishers and Big Kahuna desk pilots we have in Ottawa and the provincial capitals doing jobs just like this.  Just think of the size of tax cut it would take to see them all out on the street looking for productive work.  Just phone up your MP and kick his butt for him.


The Phantom

P.S. DOOM 4!!!! 

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