Saturday, September 03, 2011

The One blinks. Again!

Barry likes to play chicken, but he has no staying power

President Barack Obama, citing the struggling economy, asked the Environmental Protection Agency on Friday to withdraw an air-quality rule that Republicans and business groups said would cost millions of jobs.

The surprise move—coming on the same day as a dismal unemployment report—reflected the energy industry's importance as a rare bright spot in adding U.S. jobs. The tighter standards for smog-forming ozone could have forced states and cities to limit some oil-and-gas projects.

In making the move, the White House clearly judged that it had more to lose from industry and Republican criticism than it had to gain from environmental groups who support the rule.

Somebody in the White House counted up all the fruitbat Lefties who show up for Sierra Club events and then counted the Tea Party turnout.  Looks to me Watermelons came up short, so under the bus they go.
Coming on the heels of the big Alberta to Texas pipeline deal, the Storm That Never Was and the Republicans making him move his speech from Wednesday to Thursday,  Barry is looking like a sap.  Poor Barry.

The Phantom


Alyric said...

I suspect that, at this point, everything Obama does is about getting himself re-elected. He saw the campaign commercials: "Worst job month since World War 2" and went into full panic mode.

Now he has a talking point to respond with when people bring it up.

Provided his teleprompter is working.

WiFi Lunchbox Guy said...

I agree: "Zero Job Growth (after we cooked the books)" headlines are the last thing the won needs right now.