Monday, June 06, 2011

Just by reading this blog YOU'RE KILLING THE PLANET!!!

Could I make that up?  No way.

It's Saturday night, and you want to catch the latest summer blockbuster. You do a quick Google search to find the venue and right time, and off you go to enjoy some mindless fun.

Meanwhile, your Internet search has just helped kill the planet. Depending on how long you took and what sites you visited, your search caused the emission of one to 10 grams of carbon into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming.

Sure, it's not a lot on its own — but add up all of the more than one billion daily Google searches, throw in 60 million Facebook status updates each day, 50 million daily tweets and 250 billion emails per day, and you're making a serious dent in some Greenland glaciers.

Yes friends, if all you inconsiderate jerks don't put down that mouse and go live in a mud hut, Greenland might actually be green!  Oh, the humanity!
Say, if its all ice up there why do they call it Greenland again?  Oh yeah, because when the Vikings discovered it the climate there was like DENMARK.

Every day in every way, the watermelons just keep getting dumber and dumber.

The Phantom Planet Killer

P.S.  I'm going to go use a welder now.  Wonder how many Death Points I get for that?


Alyric said...

And all the Global Warming Cultists ignore the fact that, right now, our atmosphere is starved for carbon dioxide - which is, of course, the building block for all life on the planet. I can't remember who said it, but I saw it best put once as "to be anti-carbon is to be anti-life". Which, of course, the left is. But I digress.

Currently, carbon dioxide levels are estimated at ~388 ppm. Of course, the last I heard, those measurements were taken by about 12 stations worldwide, at least 4 of which are directly downwind of continually erupting volcanoes, where carbon dioxide percentages can reach 40-45% during eruptions.

Anyhoo. Even if we accept 388 ppm, it's worth pointing out that only twice in the last 600 MILLION years has the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere fallen below 400 ppm. The era that gave rise to mammals saw levels around 8,000 ppm.

More carbon dioxide in the atmosphere means that plants grow larger, faster, and with less water. This is a good thing. As a consequence, this also means marginally higher oxygen levels - good for us, especially anyone with respiratory problems.

Ok, so let's say you accept the fact that more CO2 will warm the planet significantly. Which is bullshit, but let's play pretend. Even the most dire outlook by the IPCC only shows temperatures rising by a couple of degrees. There are no catastrophic negative consequences to this, and in fact it would likely be a net positive thing (extended growing seasons, etc).

On the other hand, we have a great deal more to fear from the planet cooling (even a few degrees), and since our current interglacial period is due to end before too terribly long, I say... bring on the warming.

(As you may have noticed, the whole global warming cult is a bit of a sore spot with me!)

The Phantom said...

Alyric, I'm with you. If it was about the facts this would have all been over in the 1970's.

Thing about Lefties is, they're cheaters. They cheat on their taxes, they cheat on their women, and they cheat science. And it has worked for them. For a while.

But now the 800lb Chicken Of Truth has come home to roost, and taken a giant dump on their parade. Now is when they start to really go mental. No pressure, right?

I actually love this tattoo thing. Its so wonderfully Leftist.

Alyric said...

You are so right about cheating on the science and facts.

Of course, bear in mind that the media has been pushing climate hysteria since at least the early 19th century, so who knows - perhaps people's capability for ignoring the facts is truly limitless.

One of the things I love is how all of the people screaming about global warming are ignoring (or ignorant of) the fact that we are currently in a freaking ICE AGE. Have been for ~2.6 million years.

Once - just once, I'd like to watch a debate where the person arguing against AGW asks his or her opponent: "So, you believe the Earth leaving an Ice Age is a bad thing? Please elaborate."