Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Brave New World is a cautionary tale, not a MANUAL!

Once again, life mirrors art as "scientists" start agitating for LITHIUM to be added to drinking water.  I kid you not.
From New Scientist:
In Japan's Oita Prefecture, cities with higher levels of lithium in their drinking water experienced lower rates of suicide. The study, in the British Journal of Psychiatry, made me wonder if governments should add lithium to the water supply.
Yes, REALLY.  A couple of purely correlative studies, and these liberal assholes want to start in on a mass campaign to medicate the entire population.  Involuntarily.
If I recall correctly, Huxley didn't think that would work really well.
Perfect example of the modern liberal thought process.  Something is good (maybe!), so the best way to proceed is to SNEAK IT IN through the public water supply when the proles aren't looking.  If it saves just one life, its worth it! 
Hey! Its for your own good so shut up, morons!

Lithium: Its not just for batteries any more.

The "Anything Not Forbidden Is Compulsory" Phantom


Alyric said...

Jesus H. Christ on a motorized pogostick.

I'm about ready to say it's time to grab the guns and head for the mountains.

Bill Sticker said...

Mass medication with Lithium? What an utterly asinine idea. All you have to do is read the contra indications (do not use if) list attached to Lithium to understand how bad.

You'd kill more people than you'd save.

The Phantom said...

That's not a bug, Bill. That's a -feature-.