Monday, November 01, 2010

Today's absolute proof...

... that utter morons have taken over the US (and Canadian!) government.

Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School Senior Dan Depaolis, dressed in mid-evil [sic] garb, rode a horse into the school's parking lot as part of spirit week.

What he, and his parents, thought was a good-natured stunt, the school deemed dangerous. Depaolis was suspended from school for two days.

The vice principle allegedly suspended the 17-year-old even after the boy's father explained that the horse was brought in on a trailer and that no one was in danger.

The father tells FOX25 the school compared the stunt to bringing a "loaded firearm" to school and that he and his wife were shocked to hear about the suspension, saying that the 1100-pound horse, named Pierre, would never hurt a fly.

Cowboys have horses, cowboys have guns, therefore horse equals gun.  Perfectly logical in modern education land. Can anyone guess what the Vice Principals party affiliation might be?
All you Americans, just remember what's a stake tomorrow.  Vote early, vote often.

The Horseless Phantom

P.S. The moronification appears to have spread to Fox News, "mid-evil" forsooth.  Not even spell check can save the determinedly moronic.

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