Monday, November 29, 2010

How the Canadian propaganda system works.

Saw this article at Borque today about Toronto being the most miserable city in Canada. "No duh!" said I.
Fairly standard news gruel we get served these days, some bunch of overpaid wankers do a quickie study, issue a press release with a catchy title, newsies puff it, then its gone.

Despite having the country's largest GDP and population, the megacity ranks lowest on the happiness scale. The study used data from the Canadian Community Health Survey for 2007 and 2008 to determine the happiness of various regions of Canada and the factors which contribute to the variation.

Ok, typical publish-or-perish ivory tower grant getter. Major findings were stunningly obvious:

The study also hinted at the reasons for Toronto's relative unhappiness. A key finding of the study is that "the most important reason for geographical variation in happiness in Canada is differences in the sense of belonging to local communities, which is generally higher in small CMAs, rural areas, and Atlantic Canada."

Stress was also an important determinant of happiness, something found in great abundance on Toronto subways and highways each morning. And while household income did help with happiness, the benefits it offered were scant.
Yeah, because in places like Toronto more money does not buy you less stress (not even -way- more money) and population churn gives you a new set of neighbors every three years or so. Duh.

So why bother even doing the article? What's the "Canadian Community Health Survey", who's the frickin' "Canadian Centre for the Study of Living Standards", and why should I care anyway? Well, I googled it.

Turns out the CCHS is (peeling away the impressive bureaucratese) a telephone survey done by StatsCan every year. One of those things that helps drive your taxes up, an office full of university graduates sending each other email.

The purpose of having it is to provide data for outfits like CCSLS to do POLICY RESEARCH on. I found their list of donors interesting. This is basically a federal government funded liberal lobbying organ. So we paid for this "study". Nice work if you can get it eh?

What's the policy goal this time? Its a beauty!
The report suggests Canada consider a new metric for measuring success, one originally championed by the tiny Buddhist nation of Bhutan and now taken up by France and the United Kingdom: Gross national happiness.

No, really. This thing probably cost a couple hundred grand once you add all the salaries up, all to promote that singular bit of abject stupidity.

This is called "moving the goal-posts" in rhetoric. Your policies measurably suck and cause misery, but you can't change them because they are in place to pay off the guys who bankroll your party. So you change the way things get measured, and then by magic the misery isn't your fault! Over taxation and corruption have ruined the economy, but if we measure by Gross National Happiness (as measured by a two-bit telephone survey overseen by certified Liberal useful idiots) then it doesn't matter if there's no money! Money can't buy you love, right?

Faithfully reported in the MSM too, of course. Like parrots.

That's how the Canadian federal propaganda system works. By Liberals, for Liberals, paid for by you and me. Each province has a duplicate set, and all the large cities too. And it costs us -billions- every freaking year. Great eh?

Stupid shit like this is the reason we have centrally planned health care, mass immigration of peasants with zero skills, Caledonia, revolving door jails, gun control, and et cetera.

I think an excellent piece of political kung fu would be to quietly de-fund all these policy mills by nefarious, back alley accounting measures. Pretty soon all these jackass policy stories disappear out of the MSM, and the Liberals have to PAY FOR THEIR OWN PROPAGANDA. That'd break their backs I bet.

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