Sunday, August 22, 2010

One of these things looks just like the other...

New Iranian super weapon!

Old German super weapon!

Resemblance? Naw, couldn't be!


Colin from Mission B.C. said...

As with everything else in modern times, Muslim "civilization" adds nothing new to science or technology, but merely borrows concepts from the West.

The Phantom said...

Hi Colin. I think in this case its less a problem of Islam per say, and more a problem of Iran being run by a guy who took Hitler as a role model.

If Islam itself were the problem the people of Iran wouldn't be turning up in the streets protesting. Gotta focus on the actual problem, know what I mean?

I don't know how many of these goofs are going to have to repeat history before it finally sinks in that Hitler was basically -WAY- over his head, and grasped at straws like the Super Weapon program from the big brains at Peenem√ľnde.

Although its true that the V2 with a nuke on it would have ended the war in Hitler's favor, what's overlooked is it took the Americans nearly 20 years to make a rocket that could even lift a nuke. That was given the V2 as a base to work from and Werner Von Braun as well. The Fat Man bomb they dropped on Nagasaki was nearly the size and weight of a Volkswagen.

I think Amadinnerjacket has just figured out he has the same problem. Iran doesn't have the lifting power to launch the nuke they are going to build, I can't see the Chinese or the Russians just giving away the tech to build small nukes to the likes of Iran or N. Korea.

And I'm SO hoping I ain't wrong about that.