Monday, August 09, 2010

Democrats make instant tea.

In a move that will surprise no one, the DemocRat Party has started minting instant "Tea Party" candidates, and entire Tea Party organizations.

As the midterm election nears, allegations are surfacing across the country that Democrats are exploiting conservatives' faith in the Tea Party name by putting up bogus candidates in November -- the claim is that those "Tea Party" candidates will split the GOP vote and clear the way for Democratic victories. 

The theories may prove to be more than just conspiracy talk. Some of the allegations are coming directly from local Tea Party activists who are trying to flag the media and election officials as soon as they smell something fishy on the ballot. And they say they've got proof.

And they do have proof.  Affidavits, election documents, signatures, lawsuits, the usual list of crap we have come to expect from DemocRats working the system from the inside for their own benefit.  Dirty tricks, the last refuge of desperate socialists.  OMG, they are such disgusting weasels.

From this I deduce two things.  First and most obvious, the DemocRats are a lot more afraid of the Tea Party than they are of the Republicans.  They are in fact TERRIFIED of the Tea Party and the media comments to the contrary are pure propaganda.
Second, these lying scum are likely to stage racist provocations at legit Tea Party events, and/or hold fake events with lots of racist signs.  I would make book on it.  I also think that as November gets closer and the mid-level scum start getting more frantic, there's going to be violence.  Some of these county-level and state-level races are going to get severely ugly, and union interests will probably arrange some "situations", if you get my drift.

Govern yourselves accordingly, my friends.

The Phantom.

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