Friday, December 11, 2009

When is a good time for your pistol to jam?

The only good time for a pistol to jam is after it has been stolen.

Police said the gunman got off two shots before his [stolen] weapon jammed while the officer fired four times.

The bullets piercing nearby windows and even a baseball from a gift shop, but amazingly no one else was hurt.

 Amazingly, the rat didn't manage to kill anybody else in his suicide-by-cop because he probably held the gun sideways, punk style.  The gun he'd never fired before and just assumed would work like in the movies.  Thank you Hollywood, for making sure an entire generation of scum can't hit a barn from the inside, and think pieces of junk like the Mac 10 never malfunction.  I know that wasn't the Hollywood plan, but thanks anyway.  If there are going to be violent criminals, its good that they should be incompetent.

This is the only problem with Rudy Giuliani's Broken Windows policing policy.  When you stop busting every single J-walker, double parker, dime bag saleman,  graffiti artist and "illegal street peddler" the rats get bolder.  Rats never sleep, something Liberals just can't seem to wrap their heads around.  You have to keep them scared, or they come out and take over the place.  Like during the fabulous reign of  NYC mayor David Dinkins when the cops never ever got out of their cars. 

Or like right now in Toronto, where they only arrest minorities when they are shop keepers who capture shoplifters.

The Phantom


shel said...

(heh) clever post.

The Phantom said...

Thanks dewd. Happy New Year. :)