Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Live from Government Offices!

Liveblogging from the passport office in Hamilton today, there's something close to 90 people cooling their heels here today. The awesomely efficient staff had 5 wickets open 20 minutes ago, and now that the crowd has swelled they redoubled their efforts and currently have 8 open.

Somebody asked why they didn't go faster if all these people were waiting. I replied that they don't get more money if they do more work.

But maybe I'm just cranky. Must be the waiting. And waiting, and waiting...


Alexander said...

Hang in there... At any moment I'm sure the Star Trek philosophy will kick in:

When Lily Sloane asked how much the USS Enterprise-E cost to build, Picard tells her "The economics of the future is somewhat different. You see, money doesn't exist in the 24th century... The acquisition of wealth is no longer the driving force in our lives. We work to better ourselves and the rest of Humanity." (Star Trek: First Contact)

The Phantom said...

I wish somebody would better the weenies who run these offices, eh? Maybe switch from Iron Rice Bowl union jobs to piecework? Couldn't hurt.

We got out of there having only wasted an hour. Not bad for government work, eh?