Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ok America. Joke's over, you fat bastards.

Get in shape or pay a price.

That's a message more Americans could hear if the health care reform bills passed by the Senate Finance and Health committees become law.

By more than doubling the maximum rewards and penalties that companies can apply to employees who flunk medical evaluations, the bills could put workers under intense financial pressure to lose weight, stop smoking or even lower their cholesterol.

Why? Because you Americans are stupid, greedy, fat and  disgusting creatures who can''t be trusted to come in out of the rain.  You must be controlled.  At gunpoint.  Furthermore, you deserve to suffer for your many and various sins, and suffer you will.
Just so we are all clear, that is not my opinion.  Not me, none of my doing guys.  I'm just the messenger here.  In fact, it isn't even an opinion.

That, my friends, is the official policy of the United States government.

Have fun.

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