Monday, October 26, 2009

"Can we have an adult conversation about taxes?"

Not in the Toronto (Red) Star, apparently.

For Canada's political right-wingers, their insistence that we can have massive tax cuts without suffering any decline in public services is worse than childish; it's delusional. Any 4-year-old knows if you go to the store with less money, you're going to come away with less candy. Eliminate government waste, they say, and we can have lower taxes without cuts in services.

Hugh Mackenzie Research Associate at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Nice straw man, Hugh!  A decline in public services is what's required if we want to avoid becoming some frozen backwater where they dig iron ore out of the ice with shovels.  Less government is what you get with a tax cut of sufficient magnitude, not a reduction in waste.  They still burn the money, they just have less to burn.  That's the idea.  Duh.

Still wondering why the Star is bleeding red ink?

The Phantom


chriswinkler said...

Phantom, the CCPA is publicly endorsed by Naomi Klein. Four-year-old, indeed ...

The Phantom said...

Hi Chris. I didn't know that, but it figures. A guy lies like that, Naomi's gotta like him.

These fuckers all play on the same team.