Wednesday, July 01, 2009

When good technology goes bad: hacking opportunity!!!

Scrap the fuel tax for a by-the-mile road usage tax?  Sounds great, right?  Big road users pay more?  Fair, right?

What once was science fiction is being field-tested by the University of Iowa to iron out the wrinkles should a by-the-mile road tax ever be enacted.

Besides the technological advances making such a tax possible, the idea is getting a hard push from a growing number of transportation experts and officials. That is because the traditional by-the-gallon fuel tax, struggling to keep up with road building and maintenance demands, could fall even farther behind as vehicles' gas mileage rises and more alternative-fuel vehicles come on line. [ed. Can you say unintended greenie consequence?  Sure you can! ]

The idea of shifting to a by-the-mile tax has been discussed for years, but it now appears to be getting more serious attention. A federal commission, after a two-year study, concluded earlier this year that the road tax was the "best path forward" to keep revenues flowing to highway and transportation projects, and could be an important new tool to help manage traffic and relieve congestion.

Yeah.  One wrinkle, to do it they have to know everywhere you went.  Everywhere.  It will be recorded.  All of it.  Every day.
What's that?  You have nothing to hide, you say?  What about that side trip to the donut shop every morning?  Donuts are bad for you' y'know. Big Brother's going to be paying your medical coverage, he's going to ding you for everything you do that's bad.

The answer?  HACK IT!  Obviously!  Probably the thing won't even be in full deployment before the first bulletproof hacks show up on the web.  By the end of the first year there won't be one of these black boxes that doesn't have a hair pin sticking out of it to jimmy the tax man. Your tax dollars being flushed down the dumper of life, my friends.

Welcome to the 21st Century Big Brother!  People can fight back now, you jerk.

The Hacky Phantom


Torybaiter said...
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The Phantom said...

Torybaiter, you think ubiquitous surveillance is a good thing? Please, by all means enlighten us as to your reasoning.

But keep the bullshit to a dull roar eh? I gave you your token troll comment, from here on out show up with some manners.

This is -my- blog, I don't have to take crap from you here, princess.

Torybaiter said...

I loves the way you freespeechers censor. KInda lets the hypocrite inside you get out and enjoy the air. God, as my witness, this is the unhappy result of cousins marrying.

The Phantom said...

So Tory, nothing rational about government surveillance, just the same old shit about "free speech". Do you people never get new material?

Do you want the difference between government abridgment of the right to free speech and the right to private property explained to you? Again? Or should we just take it as read that you're a dumbass trying to annoy people you've been told its ok to hate?