Tuesday, July 28, 2009

US Fat Tax gathers steam.

With the Democrats in power in the USA, there is always a search on for the next source of revenue to pay for government handouts.  Take from the "rich" (or merely scraping by) to buy votes from the "poor", aka those who scrape by on government handouts.  This is the Democrat way.

They already stuck a tap in Big Tobacco and Big Oil, two of the Big Three Autos have been nationalized (and will henceforth be a net cost, not a source of revenue), Big Finance is nationalized and causing a huge meltdown already, Big Healthcare is on the razor's edge of being taken over.  What large industries does that leave?

Big Food.  They're the only really large source of money left un-raped.

So, here's the plan for Big Food.  We have the Coke Tax, and the Big Mac/Whopper Tax.  Both of these proposals assert that there is an "uncontrolled obesity epidemic", that this epidemic costs on the order of $150 billion annually, and that a tax on pop and/or fatty foods will change eating habits and reduce the number of fat people, while creating "new" revenue for healthcare.

So its another crack at Prohibition, basically.  The War on Drugs, the War on Poverty, the War on Guns, the War on Smoking and the War on Crime were all SO successful the Dems are going to have a War on Fat.  Awesome.

The end result is a government official telling you what to eat, what to drink, what and where to smoke (but don't quit, how are we going to collect tobacco tax if you quit?), what doctor you're going to see, what your doctor will be allowed to do for you (if anything), what to drive and how much (pay per mile road tax with GPS, baby), and what you're going to make on your investments (if anything). 

Because according to the Democrat Party platform, you're stupid.  You're so stupid you have to be taxed, regulated and poked with a cattle prod into doing what's in your own basic self interest.  Otherwise you'll friggin' die like turkeys, from standing in the rain, looking at the sky with your mouth open.

After they get done taxing food, I don't know where the hell they're going to look next.  Clothing?  Chairman Mao jackets and blue PJ pants for all?  Well, y'all ARE stupid, maybe Big Brother should choose your wardrobe for you as well as your pantry, garage and keep you from running with the scissors.  High heel tax, ladies?

The Over Taxed Turkey Phantom

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Ben said...

MediaCurves.com just conducted a study exploring American’s opinions regarding the proposition of a tax on fatty foods. Results showed that while 68% felt there should not be a tax placed on foods higher in fat, 76% of viewers also felt that the rise in medical costs has been moderately or highly impacted by the increase in obesity and obesity-related conditions. More in-depth results can be seen at http://www.mediacurves.com/HealthCare/J7474-FatTax/Index.cfm. Thanks.