Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More terrible things to blame the nassssty Israelis for.

Yes my friends, not only has Israel impeded the flow of aid to the Holy Poor of Palestine (Gaza Division) by <gasp!> firing upon a UN labeled truck, now we have the final straw!

Hamas on Monday raided some 100 aid trucks that Israel had allowed into Gaza, stole their contents and sold them to the highest bidders.

The IDF said that since terminal activity is coordinated with UNRWA and the Red Cross, Israel could do nothing to prevent such raids, Israel Radio reported.

Between 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., the army had ceased all military activity in Gaza and once again established a "humanitarian corridor" to help facilitate the transfer of the supplies.

This failure to prevent the theft of supplies by the IDF clearly shows their commitment to the destruction of Gaza and the killing of all the Holy Palestinians therein.

But my friends, there is even worse news!  The dire, dastardly Israelis propose to add more men to their invasion!

Meanwhile, Israel is considering establishing a field hospital in the Gaza Strip to treat Palestinian civilians wounded in fighting between the IDF and Hamas.

The plan would be to establish the field hospital outside the Gaza Strip, but the IDF is also considering the possibility of erecting the hospital inside the Palestinian territory so it will be more accessible to the Palestinian population. It would be run by the IDF Medical Corps.

If you watch this webcam you can see the eeeeeevile first hand.

The Phantom

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