Thursday, January 22, 2009

Another academic commits professional suicide.

Phantom de-cloaking for a moment today.  This little object lesson just SCREAMS to be more widely communicated.  The article and more importantly the paper its about shows you everything you need to know about how liberal "scientists" use the academic literature to keep us all stupid. Tell your friends.

A researcher at Texas A&M International University has concluded that there is "no significant relationship" between school shootings and playing violent video games.

Here's a guy who's about to discover that while the truth will set you free, it will also get you fired.  He just torpedoed a bunch of his colleagues who have been making a tidy living off "research" grants from a bunch of trust funds for producing junk science to order.  What they don't tell you about the kid who yelled out "the Emperor has no clothes!" is that the Imperial Guard beat the crap out of him later when nobody was looking.

Still, its good to note that there are some guys left in the ivory tower willing to point and yell "BULLSHIT!" when they see a pile.  We are going to need them in the next four to eight years, because the junk science funding floodgates are being cranked open by Bary's miniOns, you better believe it.

Look for a tsunami of gun control/climate change/video game/animal rights/SUV/blah blah blah propaganda to start hitting in the next 6 months to a year.

The Phantom

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