Thursday, March 06, 2008

High end RAID for $50 bucks.

This caught my eye today, a high end RAID solution that runs in software.

Raidcore solutions have repeatedly beaten practically all other competitors in our tests since the feature set of the complex software layer always trumps the competition's hardware. It was not only the first company to offer professional options such as online capacity expansion and RAID level migration in the small-business space (SATA). The company's controllers also provide unparalleled scalability due to the lack of an integrated RAID XOR unit. Instead, the system processor handles these calculations. The advantage is that you can simply add more controllers to a system, allowing easy expansion of existing RAID arrays.

Now, anyone can buy the Fulcrum RAID software architecture for only $49. VST Pro 2008 comes with the Raidcore software that is used in the RC5000-series of controllers. Provided the system contains an Intel S-ATA controller, you can now use the entire range of Raidcore's High-End RAID features on any computer, allowing you to create RAID arrays using the existing S-ATA ports.

Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks = RAID, and if you've ever had a hard drive puke and lost all your stuff, you know what its good for.  Cheap insurance!  In these days of huge music and video collections and 500 gig hard drives, RAID can be useful even to the humble house PC.  Being able to use professional level kit for fifty bucks is just icing on the cake.  Not too long ago this would have cost you thousands.

The Phantom

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Anonymous said...

Software RAID, is it? That means a W$ driver, and it will not work on any other operating system as a RAID - probably just as a SATA adapter. If they have drivers for BSD derivates and Linux, fantastic. If not, meh...