Thursday, March 06, 2008

Amazing what will fit on a ram stick.

In a rare moment of non-worship, the New York Slimes talks about Cuba and the computer "revolution" they are having.

“It passes from flash drive to flash drive,” said Ariel, 33, a computer programmer, who, like almost everyone else interviewed for this article, asked that his last name not be used for fear of political persecution. “This is going to get out of the government’s hands because the technology is moving so rapidly.”

Cuban officials have long limited the public’s access to the Internet and digital videos, tearing down unauthorized satellite dishes and keeping down the number of Internet cafes open to Cubans. Only one Internet cafe remains open in Old Havana, down from three a few years ago.

By fair means or foul, Cubans are getting access to The World, downloading it onto ram sticks, and secretly passing it around among themselves.  Raoul Castro is sitting on a steam kettle.  She's going to blow pretty soon.  My totally wild assed guess is maybe he lasts five years.  Ram sticks are getting bigger and cheaper every day, and there's the One Laptop Per Child program.  Talk about subversive, holy crap Batman!

Maybe some enterprising soul could set up a WiFi antenna that can reach an OLPC laptop in Cuba, eh?  Maybe a nice dirigible floating around the Florida coast...

The Phantom

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