Friday, June 08, 2018

Ontario election and Fake News.

The results are in, here at Chez Phantom, and they are interesting. The Ontario election is over, and the Liberals are reduced to below official party status. In order to be an Official Party in Ontario, and partake of all the goodies inherent therein, you have to win eight (8) seats in the House. The Liberals won seven (7). That's got to sting a bit.

The interesting part is the role of the Canadian Media in all this. Two weeks ago we were informed that the NDPee [spit!] was surging, and that it was possible we would have a minority NDPee [spit!] and Liberal coalition egging each other on to ever-greater "acts of random kindness and senseless beauty"... at our expense.

It isn't philanthropy when the government does it, boys and girls. It's virtue signaling.

As Kate McMillan says in the link, the "experts" said this race was too close to call.

The tally this morning is PC 76, NDPee [spit!] 40 and Liberals 7. the Greenie Weenies squeezed out 1 seat.

58% voter participation too. Half the voting public stayed home.

All told, the media failed to anticipate a CRUSHING victory for the PCs and an utter repudiation of the Liberals. 7 seats means pack your bags, bitchez, and get outta town.

What I suspect of course is that they did anticipate it and simply lied about it. I think that was hubris on their part, the fear that reporting the truth from their outlets would affect the outcome. There's nothing they could have done to change this. Lying just makes them look like liars and reduces their effectiveness even further.

Nobody cares about Ford. He's just some guy who said he doesn't like tax-and-spend liberalism, and his brother was Rob Ford. Everybody cares about their job, and their taxes. They don't have any money, and the reason why is clear. Government takes it all.

The Phantom


WiFi Lunchbox Guy said...

Ah, Wynne's dream of a Lib-NDP accord crashing to the ground. Good times.

Speaking of the media, the American media seems to be encountering some resistance to their doxxing practices.

The Phantom said...

The Liberal response to crushing defeat in Ontario is to -tripple- down. Christia Freeland called Trump a Nazi in the New York Times. I've got a post going up in a minute.