Tuesday, September 05, 2017

NY Times Best Sellers list is BS? More shenanigans!

Previously we heard that the New York Times Best Seller list got scammed.

Now we hear that the NYT BS list is a scam.

Regnery Publishing, the largest conservative publisher in the United States, has announced it will sever all ties with the New York Times, alleging the Left-wing paper biases its 'bestseller' list in favour of liberal titles.

The company — which published Breitbart London editor Raheem Kassam's recent Amazon bestseller No Go Zones' — has revealed how the Times's list, once believed to be the gold standard in publishing, is stacking the decks against conservative authors.

"As a conservative publisher, we believe that the Times' list does not represent national sales of conservative books as accurately as other widely-published bestseller lists," commented Marji Ross, President and Publisher of Regnery, in an official press release.

Gee, they lied? Yes, it seems they did.

Regnery notes that No Go Zones, in which Raheem Kassam tours areas transformed out of all recognition by mass immigration and state-sponsored multiculturalism, should have had the 10th highest sales of the 15 books on the New York Times list for the week of September 3rd, 2017, according to Nielsen BookScan data — but does not feature at all.

Regnery believes another of its titles, Dinesh D'Souza's The Big Lie, which exposes the American Left's past relationship and present affinity with the Nazis and their tactics, should have been ranked at number one in sales — but the New York Times trailed it in at number seven.

The Times seems to have lost their collective minds. Its one thing to lie. Its entirely another thing to lie about something like this that is so easily checked. A NEWSpaper, particularly one with a reputation for being the Newspaper Of Record, cannot afford to be seen lying about stupid shit like this. Good reputations are hard to earn and easy to lose. But there they are, caught lying again. Over book rankings.

Makes me wonder about other ranking services. It would be pretty easy for Nielsen to jigger their Bookscan data, and in this kind of sharply partisan social environment, there will be a lot of pressure in the publishing industry for them to downplay the success of conservative works.

An unpleasant thought, to be sure.

The Phantom

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