Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Oh Noes, Dr. Who is WHITE!

Further to the trolling of Dr. Who fans by the BBC or whoever runs the show, not everyone is happy that the new Doctor Who is a woman.

SJW Anita Sarkesian for one.

Variety Magazine for another.

The last thing I wanted to write today was an angry screed about "Doctor Who." I've been watching the show loyally for four decades; I've been through every up and down and alien invasion. No matter how much it may frustrate me in a given episode or a season, I love it so much. It's about people without guns who roam around trying to do good and save people. With a screwdriver. At its best, "Doctor Who" irreverent, whip-smart and deeply humane.

So I was going to be disappointed and not a little furious if the Thirteenth Doctor was yet another white man.

For more than 50 years, every Doctor has been from that demographic, and of course, some versatile actors have done wonderful work in the role. I'd have a tough time picking my favorite: Is it Tom Baker? Peter Davison? David Tennant? Peter Capaldi? Matt Smith? Jon Pertwee?

(It's Baker. They're all fantastic, but of course, it's Baker.)

The fact is, we're living in a time in which a lot of people feel frustrated and fearful about the state of the world. Women, people of color and the LGBT community feel especially under siege. The daily headlines are like something out of a "Doctor Who" (or "Black Mirror") dystopia. 

So if women were once again going to be asked to go to the back of the line and wait their turn when it came to the idea of seeing themselves as one of the iconic interstellar heroes — well, many people would have been upset. Even some white guys. 

But no one had to wake up to that disappointment, thank Gallifrey. Coming from one of the biggest media franchises on the planet, the news that the new "Doctor Who" is female is huge — and almost completely delightful. 

Some might be disappointed that this makes for the thirteenth white Doctor in a row. I do want to see a woman of color, or a non-white man, as the Doctor, of course. Those fans are still being asked to wait, and it would be hypocritical not to note that that is still not ideal.

Yes that's right. Having been handed the exact thing they've been screeching for, on a platter, the SJWs are now complaining that Jodie Whittaker is White.

The Phantom


Anonymous said...

If someone like Idris Elba had been cast you'd have seen a sudden parting of company between PoC and any feminists griping that there still hadn't been a woman Doctor. PoC would have counted it a win.

The Phantom said...

Casting Idris Elba would be called "enlightened" and "transgressive!" just like this casting of Jodie Whittaker is, and they'd be complaining it wasn't a woman instead.

If Dr. Who had cast a gay black woman as the Doctor and given her Ru Paul for a sidekick, the SJWs all be whining about something else. Probably the the new Doctor wasn't Trans, or wasn't Black Enough, or some other fucking stupidity.

When in reality, this is a Hail Mary play by talent-less TV hacks desperate to improve sagging ratings. They think by taking another cheap shot at the existing British white male fan base, they'll attract masses of fresh new fans into the fold.

For the expected outcome of this, I point to the continuing destruction of the Marvel and DC comics brands. It will suck.

Alyric said...

"It will suck."

Yup. From what I've read, there's going to be a new showrunner next season, and the fact that he's starting with this tells me that he has no ideas beyond "LOOK HOW PROGRESSIVE I AM!"

It's also battlespace prep for the inevitable "People are tuning out because they're too sexist to watch a female Doctor", an argument that will probably let him keep his job for a year or two longer than he would otherwise.

As you pointed out, a quick look at Marvel's comic sales shows how effective insulting your customer base is as a marketing strategy.

The Phantom said...

What I love about this move is the smear inherent in it. If anyone says anything, they are a misogynist and can be dismissed. People are simply NOT ALLOWED to disagree.

I disagree anyway. Fuck 'em.

You take a show whose rating are dropping because it is all-SJW all the time. To save it, you go for the SJW gender-flip. Because you are a shit writer, and you've run out of ideas.

-Could- Dr. Who as a woman work and be interesting? Sure. Why not? Its science fiction, you can make boring-ass physics interesting if you try hard enough.

-Will- Dr. Who as a woman work? No way. Unless this Jodie Whittaker can actually walk on water, she cannot save this turkey. SJWs have the reverse-Midas touch. Everything they get their hands on turns to shit.

Sam L. said...

The HORROR!! The horror... About which, I care not a fig, nor a farthing, nor a flying flea.