Monday, March 27, 2017

University of Regina to be renamed with a "Va"

In the ever-accelerating Race To Insanity, the newly renamed University of Vagina will have a "Masculinity Confession Booth" for boys to confess their sins.

A university will be hosting a "Masculinity Confession Booth" along with a number of other workshops and screenings to combat "hypermasculinity."
"We have all reinforced hypermasculinity one way or another regardless of our gender!!" explains the University of Regina event description. "Come and share your sins so we can begin to discuss how to identify and change our ways !!!"
The "Man Up Against Violence" initiative will be hosting these events at the University of Regina in Canada during the present week.

No word on whether they will have a "Femininity Confession Booth" for young women to confess their use of sparkle and pink ribbons.

The Phantom

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