Monday, April 11, 2016

Just to make it easy for the idiots,

Re-posted from a comment I made at Mad Genius Club, my Official Phantom Opinion of the trans-gender issue, for anyone who cares.

"In truth, the whole trans-gender thing seems to be a very dangerous mental disorder, leading to suicide in an alarming number of cases. Double digit percentages, its safer to be a crack addict than be trans. (The read-until-offended crowd can stop here.)

The example I had the other day of the trans-woman who decided “she” identified as a dragon is one case that springs to mind. Again, I caution googlers that you do -not- want to see those pictures. The dude looks like Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort, except with bad facial tattoos and his f-ing ears and nose cut off. Like, cut off and fed to the beagles kind of cut off. With a beard. One assumes he went off the hormones, they were probably kicking his ass. Because stuff like that has side effects they don’t tell you about in video games.

So my opinion is that I do not want to live in a nation where tattoo artists and plastic surgeons are allowed to mutilate mentally ill men like that and get away Scott free.

Also, I am not a psychologist, but I do know that the treatment for people under the delusion that they are Napoleon generally does not include treating them like the Emperor of France. I’m just saying, as a general rule you don’t see that."

See also, in no particular order:

Maybe I missed one where I said all gays/trans/lesbians/whatevers need to all die in a fire. Maybe somebody should spend a couple days/weeks looking for that post, where I hate the hell out of everybody different than me.

Knock yourselves out, you bunch of fucking mental deficients.

Oh and by the way, here's some consequences of official gender-bender stupidity for y'all:

Because -nobody- saw that coming, right?

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