Friday, January 15, 2016

Nice article on 'Cultural Appropriation"

SJWs and Progs generally like to bandy about this cultural appropriation thing. A favorite is white girls with dreadlocks. White girls are not allowed to have dreads because dreads are a "black thing".

Now, for my money dreadlocks aren't a thing at all, because black or white they make you look like a haystack and make you smell funny. Dirty hair is not a nice feature, ok?

But never mind, I'm a curmudgeonly old man. I believe in stick shifts on cars too.

Intuitively, anyone with a brain immediatly understands there's no "white things" and "black things". There's things, and we use them or not as it suits us.

Cultural appropriation doctrine as preached by the Progs means that as a white man, I am not allowed to sing songs like "Kumbaya" because that is a Negro Spiritual, and I'm not to be appropriating that for my own use. Only black people are allowed to sing that, it's their song.

By this logic, Indian people are not allowed to make pizza, and Spanish people are not allowed to go to sushi bars.

This article here goes into the logic fails underpinning cultural appropriation as a concept rather nicely. It's worth a read.

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