Thursday, December 10, 2015

This is the next Lefty scam: water scarcity.

USA Today: Oh Noes! We are running out of WATERZ!!!!

Time is running out for portions of the High Plains Aquifer, which lies beneath eight states from South Dakota to Texas and is the lifeblood of one of the world's most productive farming economies. The aquifer, also known as the Ogallala, makes possible about one-fifth of the country's output of corn, wheat and cattle. But its levels have been rapidly declining, and with each passing year more wells are going dry.
As less water pours from wells, some farmers are adapting by switching to different crops. Others are shutting down their drained wells and trying to scratch out a living as dryland farmers, relying only on the rains.
In parts of western Kansas, the groundwater has already been exhausted and very little can be extracted for irrigation. In other areas, the remaining water could be mostly used up within a decade.

Cue the Greenies, with their hair tearing and garment rending, their sack cloth and ashes, to blame Consumerism for this Crisis.

One question, what group thinks it's a good idea to burn corn as ethanol?

That's right kids, Greenies!

Look for this one to start getting pushed good and hard, as Glowball Warmening begins to falter after the 2016 election.

The Phantom Forecaster


Alyric said...

Well, you know... the rapidly expanding ice at the south pole is probably locking up some of the planet's water. Not enough to make water scarcity an actual problem, mind you (except for places where leftist bureaucrats have dismantled water reservoirs, of course).

Mostly I point it out for schadenfreude factor - if the same people weren't such fanatic members of the global warming cult, they'd probably be pointing it out.

The Phantom said...

If the aquifers weren't getting a little empty after the DROUGHT they've been having the last couple of years, it would be a miracle.

All it would take to reverse it is to suspend the alcohol requirement for gasoline blends. Will they do that? No friggin' way. They'll have a new Dustbowl first.

Because Greenies are insane death cultists, is why.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the dumbocrats; if anyone can make something worse, it's them. Then when their plan fails miserably; you hear the same excuses....well, they meant well. Bunch of jackasses!


Anonymous said...

so does this mean we can quit burning our food inn our gas tanks...takes a LOT of water to grow/make ethanol