Saturday, June 13, 2015

Gun banners getting strident again.

Two things with the same theme struck me today. First is a Rebel Media webcast by Brian Lilley I saw over at Five Feet of Fury, regarding a new bill being floated by Liberal Senator Celine Herviex-Payette to ban all guns in Canada except those "specifically designed for hunting".  The second is a New York Times piece by Gail Collins entitled "Guns in Your Face."

The theme is, "How DARE you appear armed in my presence!!!" Quoth Ms. Collins:

Life in America requires a lot of advance preparation. For instance, when you're getting ready for a plane trip you imagine what you'll do if a problem arises — flight delay, long lines at security. But I bet you haven't considered the best way to react if the man in front of you on the airport escalator has a gun dangling from his shoulder.

Yes, the very sight of an otherwise unremarkable and unthreatening individual in possession of a gun is enough to get Ms. Collins up on her high horse. She didn't witness this scene, incidentally. Her issue is that the guy didn't have his neck stepped on by forty SWAT cops.

That very thing happened recently in Atlanta, when a Georgia resident named Jim Cooley came strutting through the airport lobby with a loaded assault rifle.
Cooley — who was taping the whole encounter and posted it on YouTube — corrected the police officer who stopped him. ("It's not an automatic! It's a semi-automatic!") Then he declined to respond when she asked if he had a permit. ("Am I being detained? … If you're detaining me then I'm going to have to file a lawsuit.") And, in the end, he walked away in triumph.
We've moved from the right to bear arms to the right to flaunt arms.
Oh but wait, there's so much more.

While the airport setting gives the incident a particular flair, this kind of thing has been happening quite a bit. In Michigan, the City of Grand Rapids has been in a legal battle with a man who took umbrage when police stopped him while he was walking down a residential street on a Sunday morning wearing camouflage, with a pistol strapped to his leg and singing "Hakuna Matata" from "The Lion King."
I guess the singing makes it worse.

In other words, the exercise of legal rights by private citizens is a huge problem and MUST BE STOPPED!!!!  Because.... well somebody might lose an eye! Or something!

Now, that's an American view. And as we never stop being told up here in Canada, Americans are a bunch of knuckle-dragging trogs. Liberal Party of Canada Senator Celine Herviex-Payette positively exudes outrage at the very concept of armed resistance, to the point where she has a big problem with armed police in the Parliament buildings. According to Brian Lilly, who merely quotes the good Senator's published words, following the murder of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo on Parliament Hill at the National War Memorial the good Senator began complaining about her treatment by police during the crisis, and complaining about the presence of armed police in the Parliament buildings generally.

The more nuanced, more Progressive view of the ever so much more refined Liberal Party of Canada Senator Celine Herviex-Payette, is that firearms must never be seen in public under any circumstances, up to and including an active terrorist attack. Brian Lilley dubs her "Senator Crazy Pants", I think Brian may be taking it a little easy on her because she's an old lady.

The solution to all this is of course to vastly increase the every day open carry of firearms in every single place that it is legal to do so, while at the same time pressuring governments to repeal laws against carrying a firearm in those places where it remains illegal. A vast wave of guys and gals openly strutting about and flaunting their guns in the terrified faces of pin-headed, busybody, ninnynanny Liberals.

By the way ladies, there are very few fashion accessories hotter than a fine assault rifle or a well-holstered Colt 1911. Guaranteed, you will be the center of attention.

That's not a gun. This here, THIS is a gun!

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