Thursday, February 12, 2015

"SHUT UP!!!!!" they explained.

Todays excursion into SHUT UUUUUP!!!!! comes, predictably, from the Left Coast of Amurrika.

Originally spurred with a $500 Diversity Center grant from The Pride Foundation, the campaign focused on queer identities and hurtful words surrounding them, said Center director Angie Hambrick, who teamed with Lace Smith, then with Student Involvement and Leadership, to turn those ideas into art. The first posters, which appeared in 2012, featured students tearing up phrases including "That's so gay," "Lame," "Retarded," "Ghetto," "Fat" and "Illegal." "We then decided to expand the words," Hambrick said. "We really wanted the campaign to be about individual choice—words that they're hearing and words that they've chosen not to say. They've heard those words—maybe even used them—but they now understand these words have impact even when the intent is not to hurt. We have to take responsibility for the impact on others, and on ourselves."

 Yes, they have a whole billboard campaign featuring "concerned young people" tearing words in half.

No, really. Its gay. What are you, exotic?

The whole thing is so lame I feel retarded for having even read about it.

The Phantom


Alyric said...

Wow. I was going to point out that all those college campus rapes were illegal, but PLU's campaign has shown me the light. That was a close one!

Rape away, gentlemen. Rape away.*

*For the irony impaired, this statement was intended only to highlight an absurdity and should not be taken seriously or followed. Ever.

Side note: Apparently calling someone a woman hater is apparently just fine, but that doesn't prove the point because shut up.

Alyric said...

P.S. Never post before the first coffee of the morning, or you end up putting apparently eight times in a sentence. True story.

The Phantom said...

Yeah, coffee is good.

They're trying to set up a form of shunning. They want to make it socially unacceptable in some circles to say certain words, so they can have a nice clean-cut class system of proles and Special People.

This function used to be handled by profanity, but that's Conservative. Now "exotic" is the new "shit head".

I'm serious about the shirt thing. There should be a t-shirt with every single word they don't like on it. Sometimes deliberate provocation is the only debate possible.

Alyric said...

I was going to try to come up with a sentence using as many of the words and phrases as possible, but hell... everyone is doing that.

Instead I read the memo that's being reported on. Here's a direct quote (from the fourth paragraph under 'What is My Language My Choice'):

"The words and phrases of the campaign continue to expand(...)"

If that phrase doesn't give you a chill, you don't believe in freedom, period, full stop.

Alyric said...

Also - and sorry for the second double post, but it struck me after I hit publish - who the HELL is offended by the word 'passive'?

I mean, we've scraped through the bottom of the barrel here and we're just shoveling the pile of manure it was sitting on, now.

Occam said...

I wonder what they would think of my catch-all non discriminating phrase to describe all people who are so off the centerline of reason they succumb to their own demons and think their particular proclivity is "normal"

"Freaks" - perhaps an old term but certainly apropos thin the freak show we call prog culture.