Friday, December 19, 2014

FBI is investigating Gamergate.

"Oh, that's so SEXIST! Somebody call the FBI!!!"

The tempest in a teapot which was GamerGate is now getting official attention from the FBI.
Rejecting a request for the FBI's files on #Gamergate and its affiliates, the bureau stated that, while they have responsive documents related to the loose coalition, those files are part of an ongoing investigation, and release "would interfere with law enforcement proceedings." Who or what is being investigated remains an open question.
A number of individuals, including Anita Sarkeesian and Brianna Wu, have reported death threats after being targeted by Gamergate.
The response letter is a standard form letter from the FBI, generally used anytime there is a related open investigation on the subject in question.
This is an interesting development from a political perspective. For the FBI to get involved in something as stupid as GamerGate, aka name calling on Twitter, somebody important must have decided they want to make an example of the politically non-correct segment of the game industry.

The wiki article here.

An interestingly non-congruent to wiki article here. Seems like wiki has picked a side. FBI has picked the same side, most likely.

There is nothing the New Fascism will not try to bring under the Iron Thumb of Control.

The Phantom

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