Thursday, September 05, 2013

Petard, meet hoist. Hoist, petard.

Liberal law enforcement. Take a biiiiig bite, boys.
Righteous, liberal, Greener than thou, fitness freak health Nazi cyclists in New York city have a new problem. No not traffic, that's an old problem. Seems that some of the local misunderstood youths have discovered how much a decent bike sells for.

The NYPD says thugs are beating and mugging bike riders on a popular Manhattan bike path.
The bike path along the Hudson River is popular with New Jersey bikers who take the route and cross the George Washington Bridge to get home at night in the dark.

Who did this dastardly deed against all that's liberal and tolerant and Green and good?

Presently, officers only have a vague description of the men, who are described as being in their 20s.

No kidding, that's what the article says. "Men, who are described as being in their 20s." Which is so totally helpful, right?
So my liberal cyclist friends, if you see some "men in their 20's" on your ride to work, get out your... oh wait, you're not allowed to have a gun are you?
Guess you're pretty well fucked then, eh?

The Phantom

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