Saturday, August 31, 2013

Politico says White House "peeved" at leaks.

Gee, it seems that the military of the USA are not a bunch of mindless myrmidons after all. Speaking off-off-off the record, some guy who ought to know said this:

"I can't believe the president is even considering it," said [one] officer, who like most officers interviewed for this story agreed to speak only on the condition of anonymity because military personnel are reluctant to criticize policymakers while military campaigns are being planned. "We have been fighting the last 10 years a counterinsurgency war. Syria has modern weaponry. We would have to retrain for a conventional war."

Apparently there's a whole lot of this kind of leakage going on right now. Including from the spook contingent, who are busily saying this chemical attack thing is very questionable, not the "slam-dunk" Barry has been speechifying about.

Ex-administration dude says:

"They need to shut the f--k up," said a former administration official. "It's embarrassing. Who ever heard this much talk before an attack? It's bizarre."

Well no, actually what it is Mr. Ex-admin dude is PAYBACK. Budget cuts, public disrespect, petty bureaucrats using the Air Force as their personal travel service, letting guys get killed in Benghazi and then -lying- about it, letting whole SEAL teams get shot out of the sky due to bad security and then crapping on their parents and children publicly, using the Veterans Administration Hospital system to seize firearms from vets, not to mention Rules Of Engagement that have US soldiers fighting blindfolded with one arm tied behind their backs. Et cetera.

Yes friends, payback can be a stone beeotch. And payback from a bunch of spooks and professional asskickers, that could be... unprecedentedly beeotch-like. 

I have no information on such a thing of course, being just some guy in rural Ontario. But given the kind of people spooks and SEALs are, and given how bad Barry has pissed them off, I can imagine some guys setting up a big ol' military propeller aircraft in front of a huge manure pile. I bet there's a couple front end loaders too. Call me crazy, but I'd say Barry's teflon suit is going to get a workout the next couple of years.

The Phantom


WiFi Lunchbox Guy said...

Speaking of leaks, a report claiming the anti-Assad Syrian rebels "mishandled" their Saudi-supplied chemical weapons, causing a small "oops" when UN inspectors "just happened" to be around.

The Phantom said...

"Saudi-supplied chemical weapons". Nothing would surprise me less.

There's chemical weapons that belonged to Saddam running around the ME, and there's stuff from Gaddafi, and then there's Iran still playing hardball. Plenty of opportunity for the House of Saud to stick their oar in too.

Besides, its not that hard to mix some shit up in a bathtub if all you want is mustard gas, or maybe brew up some nice sarin like the nutcases did in Japan.

I'm sure that between the MoBros and the Baathists and AlQueerda and the Wahabists they'll manage to arrange a Mexican firing squad and blow themselves to hell quite nicely without any help from the rest of us.

With any luck they'll all lay waste to each other, and the Israelis will take over the whole friggin' territory. Be nice to have a civilized country running things down there for a change, eh?

Nice for us Canadians anyway, possibly less nice for the elite shitheads of Europe. Whose recent ancestors caused all this bullshit in the first place, let us not forget.