Monday, July 15, 2013

Dear Media Party: The love affair is over, we want our keys back.

George Zimmerman show trial over, Zimmerman innocent. Duh.

But some guys just can't leave it alone, can they?

President Obama called on the nation to honor Trayvon Martin a day after George Zimmerman was acquitted of his murder by asking "ourselves if we're doing all we can to stem the tide of gun violence."

His comments came as family members of Zimmerman and Martin, as well as pundits, celebrities, and court observers had strong reactions to Saturday's not guilty verdict, with those reactions taking various forms — from joy and outrage to Shakespearean references and calls for peace.

This is an amazing thing. The very President of the United States of America is calling on his citizens to honor a drug-addled gang banger who was killed BY HIS VICTIM during his effort to break said victim's skull on the pavement. Said victim was shorter, lighter and weaker than "little Traaaaayvon", and would either be dead right now or living with serious brain damage if it wasn't for his Glock pistol.  Just so we are all clear what's being said here.

Barry is a DemocRat, and a "community organizer", plus his Justice department orchestrated this whole farce and bussed in "protesters" to make it happen. Time may well reveal further machinations within the Florida prosecutor's office were aided/abetted/paid for by the feds as well. We shall see. Therefore we expect Barry to come out with this kind of self-serving horeshit, because that's just how he rolls. Its not a surprise with this guy, its a well established pattern. You can set your watch by it.

Equally expected and established is the American (and Canadian!) media in full support mode, touting Obama's words.  Now, I use the term "touting" here for a reason. It means something important.

From Wikipedia:

In British English, a tout is any person who solicits business or employment in a persistent and annoying manner (generally equivalent to a solicitor or barker in American English, or a spruiker in Australian English). According to the American Bar Association, touting occurs when a person advertises, promotes, or otherwise describes a security for sale without disclosing that the person is being paid to do so.

An example would be a person who frequents heavily touristed areas and presents himself as a tour guide (particularly towards those who do not speak the local language) but operates on behalf of local bars, restaurant, or hotels, being paid to direct tourists towards certain establishments.

That describes to a T the behavior of the established Big Name media regarding this case. Obama wanted a prosecution, the media pushed and pushed and pushed. Obama wanted his name kept out of it, nobody mentioned  the DOJ organizing the astroturfing "protests" in Florida. Astroturf is that synthetic carpeting that famously looks like grass on TV, but isn't. An astroturf protester is somebody who looks like a regular guy on TV, but really he's an employee of the DemocRat party or possibly the Department of Justice. Or both!

Any of that mentioned in the linked NBC article? Nuh uh! Lots of fluffly kittens and rainbows, not much on the real facts of the matter. 

Except this little gem right at the very, very bottom. In italics:

George Zimmerman has sued NBC Universal for defamation. The company strongly denies the allegation.

I'm not a lawyer by any means, but just offhand I'd say Zimmerman has a pretty good shot at getting a royal payday out of NBC News. Because they frickin' edited audio, baby. They lied, denied, disinformed, demonized, misdirected and at the moment are reporting on riots against that little White Hispanic with breathless excitement. 

My hope is he scores a payout so enormous that he breaks the company. Like, BILLION$. Maybe the complete destruction of a major media network will wake up some shareholders. It could happen, right?

The Phantom

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