Friday, June 28, 2013

Court of the media: Rachel Jeantel is innocent! Kill Zimmerman!

Here's five news stories on the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case.

Global Grind A:  "What White People Don't Understand About Rachel Jeantel"

Global Grind B: "Why Black People Understand Rachel Jeantel"

Associated Press:

The Atlantic:;_ylt=A2KJ2UYScs1RS3EAlkbQtDMD  "My Star Witness Is Black: Rachel Jeantel's Testimony Makes Trayvon a Show Trial"

These news/opinion pieces all have one theme. Rachel Jeantel is getting a bulldozing at the Zimmerman trial because she's black. Trayvon Martin died because he was black. White people don't "get" Jeantel, and Zimmerman may walk because we are all racists.

I'm listening to Rammstein's "Engel" while I'm typing this. Despite being in another language and made in a foreign country, the Teutonic head banging is making a point down in my Scottish White Man guts that runs counterpoint to this line from Rachel Samara's piece:

Rachel's collision with Zimmerman's attorney Don West was uncomfortable to watch. They didn't get each other. I even thought at one point they were going to call in some type of translator. Yes, she mumbled, but the amount of times she was asked to repeat herself, speak up and slow down proved that they were indeed speaking different languages.

Sure they did. Like dogs get it about cats. We honkeys really do "get it" about Rachel Jeantel. What we get is that she's making this up as she goes along. We get that she's saying what she thinks will get George Zimmerman convicted. We get it, and it makes us contemptuous.

Bearing false witness is frowned upon in our culture, you might say. Like, there's a line about it on one of Moses' tablets. "Carved in stone", as it were.

Cutting to the chase here, my opinion is the following: If Rachel Jeantel is typical of black teens in that neighborhood, no freakin' wonder George Zimmerman was doing his Neighborhood Watch with a Glock. This woman (because at 19 you're not a freakin' kid anymore!) has been lying from the outset of the investigation. Furthermore her flat affect and slack jaw are not the neurological signs of consciousness, engagement and attention one sees in normal people. As in, normal BLACK people, to put a nice sharp point on it.  IMO.

The problems people are having with her testimony are not "cultural" in nature. The problem is she's not a credible witness. SHE WASN'T THERE. She was on the phone. She's changed her story a couple of times. She's obviously and overtly hostile toward Zimmerman and the court generally. That's enough right there to get her jettisoned off any reasonable witness list.

That the prosecutors are using her anyway is an indication of how weak their case is. Really, if this woman is on the stand they've got nothing except the race card to play. It comes down to this: Zimmerman is guilty of murder because Traaaaayvon was black and Zimmerman is a "White Hispanic". That's a pretty strong inditement against the prosecution all by itself. They're assholes. They should have thrown this out.

What "professional" Black People (writers who are Black as a profession, not professional writers who are black) don't understand (or won't admit) about White People: We don't give a rat's ass what colour you are if you're lying. Stand up and tell the truth or FUCK OFF. Its a Commandment.

The Phantom

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Coach said...

Just saying what we're all thinking. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Right on! The racist tools are playing the usual leftist game of deflecting attention from a lying witness by playing the race card.

Derek Alexander said...

Phantom, that is exactly what is wrong with challenging any sacred cows (read: Voting Rights Act for example). Their going in position is that "you honky's are just tying to keep the black man down." Irrespective of how deeply flawed the archaic law is today. Rather than taking a step back and saying "you know, those laws are pretty stupid in today's society, yeah, let's get rid of them" they simply take what their race baiting handlers tell them as the gospel. Until the black community wakes up and realizes that these people have no interest in their well being I'm afraid they will keep producing folks like lovable Rachael Jeantel.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you have it right.

rkt10 said...

I think some blacks are completely comfortable lying as a means of retribution for past oppression.

Besides, how is lying wrong when you come from an environment where physical crime is rampant.

There were a few moments where her lies were crystal clear. The most amusing was when she said she could hear the sound of "wet grass".

The Phantom said...

Greetings all, thanks for the comments. I think the thing that offends me most about all this is the cynical manipulation of the affair by media and government, plus the excitement in some circles for a nice round of race motivated looting and burning.

It's disgusting. It won't end well. And worst of all, it's -stupid-.

Anonymous said...

If I was your editor, I would have told you to write, "It comes down to this: Zimmerman is guilty because Trayvon is blaaack, etc." The way you wrote it threw me for a few seconds -- It comes down to Zimmerman (doing what?)

The Phantom said...

Dear anonymous, if I had an editor I could hope they'd give advice like that. I used a regional slang expression, which makes the communication less clear.

Edit performed. :)

Victoria said...

This is cool!