Friday, April 13, 2012

Didn't I just say this yesterday?

Mainstream media weenies get their ideas from the web.

"If the judge were to rule in the pre-trial that Zimmerman has a legitimate claim in the 'Stand Your Ground' law defense and was as a result released, I think that could have national impact and as a result it could bleed into the political system," Dan Abrams, legal analyst and founder of Mediaite, told POLITICO. Or, he added, "If there is an acquittal … I think that it could have national political implications, because at that point I think both [Mitt] Romney and [President Barack] Obama could be asked to comment on it."

Ya think? Wow, these Politico guys are sharp, eh?
Personally I think its much more likely the President is going to shape his whole campaign around this thing (because otherwise he's got NOTHING) and Romney's going to be asked to comment on the riots.
Unless somebody waxes Zimmerman in the slammer, then 12 million Hispanics are going to switch to Republican AND they're going to riot. Barry will be asked to comment on that.

The Phantom

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