Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The definition of insanity...

... is modern governance in the post-logic world. Exhibit A: Fox News, Plane leaves the gate with gun on board!!!
A plane left the gate at DFW Airport with a gun on board before transportation officials alerted the pilot about the problem, FOX 4 has learned.

Airport spokesman David Magana said a 65-year-old woman from Little Elm, Texas had a gun in her carry-on bag that got through the security checkpoint .

By the time the woman took her bag and walked away, a TSA agent scanning the D-30 checkpoint noticed the .38-caliber handgun.

Magana said the TSA shut down only the security checkpoint, not the entire terminal, and began searching the D concourse and other terminals for the woman.

At least 90 minutes elapsed before she was in custody, Magana said.

The plane, American Airlines flight 2385 to Houston's George Bush Intercontinental Airport, returned to the gate before it got on the runway.

 Some goofy old lady forgets she has her rinky dink little Airweight in her purse, the Super Duper TSA airport security circus blood hounds miss it, and its national news. If it wasn't for 40 years of gun-hate in the national press, that would happen five times a day and nobody would give a rip.  Point is though, forgetful geezer foiled TSA ultra awesome security by accident.

Exhibit B: TSA [finally!!!] admits wrongdoing in STRIP SEARCHES of 2 elderly women.

In an about-face, the feds have admitted wrongdoing in the cases of two elderly women who say they were strip-searched at Kennedy Airport by overzealous screeners.

Federal officials had initially insisted that all "screening procedures were followed" after Ruth Sherman, 89, and Lenore Zimmerman, 85, went public with separate accounts of humiliating strip searches.

But in a letter obtained by the Daily News, the Homeland Security Department acknowledges that screeners violated standard practice in their treatment of the ailing octogenarians last November.

Assistant Homeland Security Secretary Betsy Markey concedes to state Sen. Michael Gianaris (D-Queens) that Sherman was forced to show security agents her colostomy bag — a violation of policy.

"It is not standard operating procedure for colostomy devices to be visually inspected, and [the Transportation Security Administration\] apologizes for this employee's action," Markey wrote.

They abused two old ladies -for no reason whatsoever-, then lied about it as an organization and not just as individuals, now faced with the truth have finally admitted both the abuse and the lies. Total negative repercussions on TSA employees, ZERO.

Exhibit C: NYC investigates moving airport security procedures out onto the public street.

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly told CBS in New York his department is looking to deploy Terahertz Imaging Detection scanners on the street in the war on "illegal guns."

Kelly said the scanners would be used in "reasonably suspicious circumstances" and intended to cut down on the number of stop-and-frisks on the street. So called stop-and-frisks are considered a violation of the Fourth Amendment.

"The NYPD and Department of Defense are working together testing Terahertz Imaging Detection, a new way to get concealed illegal weapons off the streets," CBS reports. Terahertz Imaging Detection measures energy radiating from the body up to 16 feet away and can detect anything blocking it.

So the Federal government in cooperation with the City of New York are planning on expanding the security theater employed by TSA in airports which A. does not work and B. has already led to casual and pointless abuse of American people. They plan, at the expense of millions of taxpayer dollars, to use naked body scanner technology on random passersby in NYC in the name of "public safety".

Which is the very definition of insanity.

Just remember this stuff in November friends.

The Phantom

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