Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Ooh, ooooh! I know this one!!!

Question on Liberalism 101 final exam:

Q: The chilllldrun isn't lurning.  Despite a No Child Left Behind federal law which punishes school districts when kids fail their exams, kids are still failing their exams nine years later.

The proper Liberal response is
A) fire teachers who's pupils score low consistently and hire new ones.
take over some school boards with many under-performing schools, fire a bunch of people and try again with new staff.
C) give people tax vouchers so they can send their under-performing child to a school designed to meet their individual needs
D)Shut the federal Department of Education completely, stop giving federal money to school districts altogether, and let the States do it.
E) stop testing the kids.

What would Obama do?  Think, think... eureka!

State and local education officials have been begging the federal government for relief from student testing mandates in the federal No Child Left Behind law, but school starts soon and Congress still hasn't answered the call.

Education Secretary Arne Duncan says he will announce a new waiver system Monday to give schools a break.

The plan to offer waivers to all 50 states, as long as they meet other school reform requirements, comes at the request of President Barack Obama, Duncan said. More details on the waivers will come in September, he said.

The goal of the [Republican, boo, hissss!] No Child Left Behind law is to have every student proficient in math and reading by 2014. States have been required to bring more students up to the math and reading standards each year, based on tests that usually take place each spring. The step-by-step ramping up of the 9-year-old law has caused heartburn in states and most school districts, because more and more schools are labeled as failures as too few of their students meet testing goals.


Awesome solution Mr. Obama sir, truly you are The One.

The Phantom

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