Thursday, June 17, 2010

Somebody get these guys a backhoe.

Y'all may recall the first rule of politics:  When you are in a hole, stop digging

Christan Morales says her son just wanted to honor American troops when he made a hat decorated with an American flag and small plastic Army figures.

But the hat ran afoul of the district's no-weapons policy because the toy soldiers were carrying tiny weapons.

"His teacher called and said it wasn't appropriate because it had guns," Morales said.

Dear liberal educators, dig harder! 

The Phantom


Anonymous said...

no, you're completely wrong. Stop blogging, judging by the low number of comments, nobody is reading this thing anyway.

yeah yeah, anticipated reply: "well you're obviously reading it" to which I reply: If the only person you can attract is someone that's pointing how nuts you are, time to quit.

The Phantom said...

My, that's a powerful argument you've got there Anon.

Wrong about what, particularly?

Oh and don't feel obliged to read my blog, I'm perfectly happy to carry on without you. It isn't like you're adding anything to the proceedings, is it?