Monday, January 11, 2010

You poor dears! We feeeel your pain.

Gas prices set to ZOOM to <gasp!> $3.00 a GALLON!  Oh, the humanity!

"There is a long history of tripled oil prices causing consternation among consumers," Peter Beutel of Cameron Hanover said in a report Monday. "We are not there, yet, but gasoline prices at more than $3.00 is certainly an unwelcome sign of consumer distress."

Prices rose 1.4 cents overnight to $2.749 per gallon, according to auto club AAA, Wright Express and Oil Price Information Service. Prices have climbed 8.4 cents a gallon in the past week and are 95.5 cents higher than a year ago.

 Frankly, I'd be so happy to pay three dollars a gallon I could almost plotz.  My last fill up was $0.97 a liter.  That's a quart for those of you living in civilized countries not cursed with metric.  Not even a proper Imperial quart mind you, but a lowly American quart. 
Think of it my American friends, ninety seven cents a quart.  Times four is $3.88 a gallon. Of which three quarters is... wait for IT... tax.  Which tax is not a fixed portion, oh no no noooo!  It is a PERCENTAGE of the fuel price.  So as the price goes up, the amount of tax goes up proportionately.  As in, in ever increasing amounts, never to be reduced one iota for any reason no matter how bad it gets forget it don't even ask we can't hear you lalalalala!!!.

But it is actually worse than that, because a goodly portion of what is called the "fuel price" is actually... tax!  (You think oil companies take taxes, fees and royalties out of their profit?  BWAHAHAAAA! No, they pass it directly on to the fuel buyer!)  Plus there is a ten cent per liter excise tax in there, meaning you are paying tax... on tax... on tax!!  Its a legislative tour de force, a perfect storm of shearing the sheeple right down to the bone.
But worry not ladies and gentlemen of America, you too will soon be paying these kinds of obscene prices for gasoline, heating oil, diesel, and etc.  How else do you think they are going to pay for Obamacare?  And Government Motors?  And the twelve trillion blank check congress wrote for Barry?  And the new government owned banking system? And ACORN? And those death panels, and Mrs. Obama's spring wardrobe, and...

Well, you'll get used to it.

The Phantom

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