Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"Useless eaters" update.

As a small "c" conservative type, I have some fundamental beliefs about life and society that appear to clash with the prevailing trend in modern governance.  One of my strongest beliefs is that civilized society exists to serve the people in it.  We do not exist to serve society.

One of the places this manifests itself most visibly is when disaster strikes.  If there is a flood for example, the properly brought up young individual will busy him/herself securing the safety of those around him, including the young, the old and the the handicapped.  He will not forsake all others to save his car, his etchings collection and his current girlfriend.  Call me old fashioned, but that's what I expect out of people, men in particular.

Here's what the US government is doing.

Four years after Hurricane Katrina exposed major deficiencies in the capacity of governments to evacuate and care for the disabled during a natural disaster, America's most vulnerable citizens are barely considered in most emergency plans, according to a report being issued Wednesday by the National Council on Disability.

The report says huge gaps exist in those emergency plans despite an executive order issued by President Bush in 2004 urging federal and local governments, as well as private organizations, to consider the unique needs of the disabled when planning rescues and preparing to provide emergency shelter.

They're planning on leaving Grandma to the flood, is what they're doing.  In the parlance of the true socialist, they are planning on saving the productive members of society and leaving the useless eaters behind.

Try as I might, I can't get behind that.  But what do I know, I'm just a racist/bigot/homophobe neocon.

The Phantom

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