Friday, June 19, 2009

What does racism look like?

Maybe, just MAYBE mind you, racism looks like this.

A 26-year-old convenience store clerk was shot and killed in broad daylight in Gary, Ind., and police say witnesses stood by and did nothing.
Police say there were several customers walking around the store after the crime. But only one called 911 for help.

When asked what he finds most disturbing about the surveillance footage, Titus [the police spokesman dude] said, "The fact that people went in and out of the store and didn't call police. There is a man laying there. Nobody thinks to dial 911 or check to see if he's OK or anything."

Why is this racism?  Well, if I tell you the kid who got killed was one Gurjeet Singh, and the customers (and the killers) were other-than-Sikhs, it would seem to indicate that the customers didn't actually care a damn if a Sikh kid got splattered.  Because if they'd cared, they would have called 911 while running away, or standing around, or shopping.  Or shop-lifting, as a careful viewing of the video may reveal somebody leaving without paying the dead clerk guy.

Please note that I, the Phantom, make no mention of the race of the customers.  Because that would be RACIST.  Y'all will have to watch the video and make your own determinations.  But let's just say if they were all white guys in Alabama it'd be wall to wall on CNN/ABC/NBC/CBS etc. but it isn't.  One day on Drudge Report is all this got.

This is my favorite part right here though.

At a news conference on Wednesday, community organizers demanded Gary police offer a reward for information about the case. They said the people of Gary needed financial incentive to come forward.

Because nobody is going to stick their neck out for free, right? Don't be silly!

Gary Indiana is the part of suburban Chicago down at the very bottom of the lake there, just so you know.  What famous guy who's flying high right now used to be a "community organizer" in Chicago, by the way?  No connection, just an interesting... coincidence.

The Phantom


glasnost said...

No connection, just an interesting... coincidence.

Google as follows: “Subject was described as a _____” but fill in the blank with your choice of other-than-Sikhs.

The two that I chose gave the following results:

Choice A = 450,000 hits.
Choice B = 632,000 hits.

Further research showed that my Choice B actually constitutes only one-eighth of the US population. No connection?

glasnost said...

Forgot to mention my Choice A constitutes five-eighths of the US population.

Some people might brand this cursory observation as racist, while I think of it as racial.

glasnost said...

Another typo: Should have said Suspect was described as...


The Phantom said...

Well, the racial makeup of the "suspects" can be explained away by the fabulous Root Causes argument so beloved of Liberals.

However the unforgivable behavior by the "innocent bystanders" is not so easily explained away. Since it runs counter to the Liberal boilerplate because members of the wrong group are doing it, it is pointedly ignored.

Which to me is a larger crime than the actual racism.