Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Science Keeps Settling.

Yes friends, as Algore and David (Superfly) Suzuki keep telling us, the science of global warming is settled.  Its a done deal.  They know everything there is to know, so we all need to shut up and get on with the capping and the trading on CO2 so they can get filthy, stinking rich off it.

Today's latest "settling" of the science creates yet another sink hole in the Great Global Warming Superhighway.  This one's big enough to swallow a Peterbilt.  Seems the Atlantic Conveyor deep ocean current doesn't really "convey" the way all the computer models assume.

"This new path is not constrained by the continental shelf. It's more diffuse," said Bower. "It's a swath in the wide-open, turbulent interior of the North Atlantic and much more difficult to access and study."

And since this cold southward-flowing water is thought to influence and perhaps moderate human-caused climate change, this finding may impact the work of global warming forecasters.

"This finding means it is going to be more difficult to measure climate signals in the deep ocean," Lozier said. "We thought we could just measure them in the Deep Western Boundary Current, but we really can't."

Computer climate models: garbage in, garbage out.

Dang.  I was looking forward to a palm tree on my front lawn.  Guess I'll have to go to Arizona for my palm tree fix.

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