Tuesday, April 14, 2009

"...an extraordinary arsenal of weapons"

Here's what that looks like.:

One (1) clapped out Browning light machine gun that these imbeciles are calling an anti-aircraft gun.
One (1) .50 cal machine gun in unknown condition, from what I can see it looks more like a Barrett .50 but I could be wrong.
Five (5) assorted rifles, two of which are obviously bolt action hunting rifles.
One (1) grenade, condition unknown.
Parts of a grenade launcher, which parts we aren't told.
Assorted ammunition, much of which appears to be .22cal, but there's also some .308 and .50cal in there.
About a hundred empty AK47 magazines.

This is what the Daily Mail UK calls a:

"vast weapons cache"

Breitbart went with "arsenal".

Could I make that up? I most certainly could not. I know guys in Phoenix who have a hell of a lot more than that in their basement. Hell, I know guys who take more than that to the range on the weekend.

If that's the super scary well armed Mexican drug cartel bad guys we've been told so much about, the Mexican police are a lot more candy ass than we thought.

The Phantom

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Alex said...

that looks pretty worthless...that's a 30 caliber machine gun from at least the second world war...plenty of ak mags though...even if they're empty. and yeah, there are people that have enough guns to start a civil war out here in the states...